The not-so-good, the even worse, and the very ugly . . .

Just click on their names (soon to be portraits) for a profile. No spoilers, I promise.

Rose Brooke Vick Viviane Willem Aiden Caprice Hunter Redrume

Minor Characters
A quick hit-list.

Pearl- Caprice's Head Priestess. Flighty as a a feather in an april wind. Oo, poetic!
Lucien- Aiden's long time bodygaurd and only one in the entire villian outfit who has *any* sort of common sense.
Charlie- Viviane's other bouncer, uninvolved in the Willem fiasco.
Aldon & Marcel- Willem's security team. Aldon is experienced, and poor Marcel acciendently stumbled into the job.
Marion- Willem's connection to Viviane.

And a special profile for miss evilness herself-- The Huntress

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