Full Name: Victor Nobuo Makaguchi
Better Call Them: Vick.
Role: Tactiturn, unfreindly fighter.
Age: 23
Personality: Very reserved, laconic, cold. An extremely gifted martial artist (don't mention the fact that he's part asian. He HATES that),though he tends to focus all his waking energy on perfecting himself in that way. Does not drink, smoke, drink caffiene, eat sweets, do drugs, have sex, or eat meat. This annoys both Brooke and Rose to no end, of course,and they harrass him constantly about it. Good freinds with Brooke, though he loathes to admit it, and head-over-heels for Rose, which only Brooke is aware of. He take sa wicked delight in surprising people with his strentgh and skill, because he's not exactly the most . . . beefy . . . of guys, coming in at around 5'6 and whip thin, with rather 'pretty' features.
Likes, Dislikes: Rose, training, meditation, fantasy novels, carrots, rap, goth, and techno music; dislikes meat, excesses of any sort, personal failure, weakness, sushi, people making Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan/Jet Li/insert-asian-stereotype-here jokes .
History: As far as anyone knows, grew up in a middle class family in New York. Won't say anything else.
Points of Interest: Secretly likes to dance. Will never, ever admit this to any living soul. Wears a small ring on a chain around his neck, says it was his sister's.

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