Full Name: Aiden Zachary Augustine
Better Call Them: Aiden.
Role: Head bad guy- or is he?.
Age: 29
Personality: Self centered. Most definatly self centered. Aiden lend new meaning to the word egocentric. He's also very intelligent, and a big fan of taking the easy way out. He is remarkably honest, seeing no reason to lie about things. Why should he be ashamed? He's nearly perfect in everyway. Or, least, all of these things applied until he met Caprice . . .
Likes, Dislikes: Himself, classical music, magick, power, vintage cars, ice cream; Caprice, Caprice, Caprice.
History: Blue-blooded from the beginning, but reluctant to engage in the life of the solcialite, Aiden spent his time pursuing school and the route of the scholar. He passed through his teens uneventfully, landing in Harvard, and from there the Honors program. But as he studied, Aiden began to note some of the mysteries that science had been unbale to sovle, and beagn to stray
Points of Interest: Owns the largest collection of magickal objects in all of the Americas. Rumors say that a few of the objects contained are Odin's Eye, a feather from Quetzeqoatl's wing, Anubis's scales, and the one-an-only Excaliber.

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