Full Name: Brooke Rufus Aaronson
Better Call Them: Brooke.
Role: Rose's best bud, witty and painfully acute observasionist.
Age: 27
Personality: Witty,a little silly at times, and about as book-smart as a rock, but all of this hides his uncanny ability to see the truth behind most situations. Though he rarely speaks what he really thinks, when he does, *listen*. Very much an alcoholic, though he funcutions just as well drunk as sober.
Likes, Dislikes: Rose, alcohol, Vick, Viviane, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, cereal, Calvin and Hobbes, gardening (only Rose knows this, and she is sworn to secercy); dislikes Willem, computers, reading, Vegetarians.
History: Grew up in rural Kentucky, fled to the City as soon as he could. Lived in a cardboard box for the first partr of his life till he joined a street gang so they wouldn't beat him up. Rose came along, the two met, and with eachother's help mananged to survive the large scale bust that took down the rest of the gang. Got into the rave scene, where he met Viviane.
Points of Interest: Owns a dog named Fratley that Rose gave him for his birthday, severly allergic to bees, excellent driver (and car thief).

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