An epic urban fairytale, a triumph in modern storytelling! And sarcasm!

Once a time, in a city not so far away . . .
A rich business man with undefined intentions hires nghtclub owner, E-dealer and local crook Viviane
DeBrouche and her three top agents-- Rose Tilmet, Brooke Aaronson, and Vick Makiguchi-- as protection
after his last bodygaurd was eviserated under mysterious circumstances. The offer is accompanied by a
very large suitcase filled with very large bills, and Viviane agrees without hesitation to the seemingly sweet
and easy deal. Until, that is, the group suddenly finds themselves pursued by a deadly, supernatural cult
armed with what has to be magic and lead by two very dangerous people: Aiden, a suave, petty man who
thinks he rules it all, and *his* ruler, Caprice . . . a phenominally insane and sadistic woman, the very
being the cult worships, who claims she has a connection with a goddess known as the Huntress, and who
might be more accurate than anyone, even her followers, would care to believe.

Pursued relentlessly, the four criminals suddenly find themselves thrust into positions they never, ever
wanted nor dreamed they'd be in, heros in a war where there are no good guys, just dark shades of grey . . .
and a thick, oily black.

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