Accept What You're Given

By Avery

One day
an Angel fell through my ceiling
He had eyes of bluebird velvet
and I could of sworn
I saw ribbons of sadness
supporting his limbs
making his body bouyant
for even my gentle dew-drop buds
could not have protected him
from returning to the heaven
from whence he'd fallen
making a hole in the roof
and scattering the paper-thin shingles
to the wind

But when I looked into his eyes
that heaven
took to the hills
and hid from my vieled view

I could see
the alter
I could see
the light flooding over
my shoulders
hands clasped
in prayer

I could see
the man fall
nightmares clinging to him
wrapping themselves in the whispy blanket
of industrial insanity

And I could see
the lifestream seeping into me
giving wings

I knew I would die
with luck
some day
I would know why

He stands up
and there is no alternitive
but to put on
a sweet
flower-girl smile