Commission info and price lists, and current print information, as well as E-Bay sales.

As of right now, there are no prints or sales to be remarked upon. I do offer commissions for a low rate, for which a price list is below. If you are looking for a cheaper alternitive to *buying* things, I often accept art trades, although I do reserve the right to turn them down - a girl's gotta have time to do her own art, you know? All payments should be in cash, US currency, though negotiations can be made, and SOMEDAY I'm going to set up a paypal account. Anyway, prices!

Commission Prices, vaugely negotiable

B+W Portrait (Head and Shoulders)- $5.00
B+W Full Body (Any pose, up to two people) - $10-15.00
B+W Full Scene (Includes background. Also applicable for group shots) $20-25.00

Traditional Media (Watercolor, pencil, etc.) Colored Portrait - $10.00
Colored Full Body - $20.00
Colored Full Scene - $25-30.00

Digital Portrait - $15.00
Digital Full Body - $20-25.00
Digital Full Scene - $30-35.00